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Friday, December 29, 2017

My Year in Not Gaming

Crafting a New Blog Post!

Welcome to the last blog post of the year, a tribute to my year of dropping out of gaming, dropping 60 pounds, and today dropping a new, 8$ jar of instant coffee before having an opportunity to drink even a single drop.

I didn’t really drop out of gaming for realz, but I did push the hold button on any and all gaming
activity due to factors both in and out of my control.  2018 will likely open with a week where I
involve myself in some level of the hobby so near and dear to my child-like yet strangely bitter
little heart, so like the Star Wars, there is still some hope.

A good place to insert some Mutants!!!
I’m set to regularly join some Old School sweetness with my bud Kelly D (@oxfordgamer on
the twitter folks!) who has been a twitter friend, a Roll20 companion, and a booster for my
weight loss which trumps all of the rest of his well-rounded, related-to-me resume.  At
the same time, the holy trinity of my online gaming group will once again band together for some
odd, rude, and almost always super-fun wackiness on some Sundays.  We plan a gathering
on the final eve of the year via the now lawful-evil net.   

When I game, I blog, so hopefully my personal gaming revival will also spur some more frequent
blogging activity including weird monsters, strange and wonderful magical items, and the constant
reminder that times of my personal pop culture history of the 70’s & 80’s can’t be touched with your
new, collapsible, +1, 10’ pole of a current weirdness environment.  Did you read up on your 5e,
all-inclusive, clerics-get-magic missile equality crap?  Good.  Hopefully you keep your mind open
to the less open, more rules-mixing, totally house-ruled cabin of horror beneath sunken R'lyeh
where sleeps the Great Old Ones of OSR rpg madness.  Brush up baby, because what Ernie Cline
hath wrought will resonate in the coming year on the blog.  

Will the Stomper be releasing any new supplements in 2018 to add to the whopping TWO things currently available?  Who knows.  If I am inspired and I find the time, perhaps.  I want to be honest with you, dear reader, and right now my inner peace and occasional calm have been originating from my photography (although this cold snap is really putting a heavy halt in my street snappin’) and I’m giving less mental energy and soul-bits to my gaming life.  I seek balance in 2018 with all things, including these two hobbies that have been, or are becoming so important to me.

Can I stay under 200 pounds in 2018?  I hope so.  My 5’5” frame is feeling so much
better supporting so many fewer fat globs attached to all the sections.  I no longer get
winded while tying my shoes.  The holiday season has been a harsh test of my newfound food
behaviors, but I think i’m holding it together ok, though today I did push 199.5lbs on the old fat
bastard meter, so caution is the watchword this weekend.

Am I making any New Year’s resolutions, as is the custom?  Only ones I can probably
stick to, and nothing all that hard.  

  1. Play more games, run a game
  2. Keep losing weight, or at the very least keep the old fat from returning
  3. Work at becoming a better photographer, and keep on sharing and learning with other
  4. Blog more on both blogs, and keep up on my podcast the Noob Shooter
  5. (maybe) do a gaming related podcast

That’s it.  Simple stuff, and most of it already in progress, so I won’t feel like such a
failure on January 15th when things usually fall apart for me with big changes I try to make.

I hope all of you had a wonderful 2


  1. Best of Luck on keeping you're weight down. I've become pretty fat myself... Thinking of making the usual resolutions. 5'7 250-ish here. Yep, I need to eat better and get some regular exercise. The holidays are the worst for me... Curious, what is your plan?

    1. Hi Jeff, thanks for the comment and well wishes. I'm a firm beleiver in the saying, 'You Lose Weight in the Kitchen, and you Get Healthy at the Gym'. Most of the year I did no real planned exercise, but did stick to using a calorie counting app (MyFitnessPal, free ver.) to keep my per day intake to about 1500. In order to feel full I HAD to change over to eating better, healthier foods with less calories like veggies, way less bread/pasta, and upping my lean proteins. I NEVER cut out anything 100%. Always allow yourself some leeway, but log EVERYTHING! A bad day is just a day, not a lifetime. It's easier this way for me to have a dinner out with friends or family, endure a holiday feast, etc, without too much guilt. Some folks call it CICO (Calories in vs Calories out). Cardio exercise that I do now is helping me edge out the holiday madness. I started going to the gym 2-3 days a week about a month ago, and losing the weight made that manageable, but it's not required. I would continue to lose as long as 1500 was my intake most of the time (I think).