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Monday, March 6, 2017

Most of His Rugs Don't fly, but You Sure Will...

Another sunrise in Elbion, and as we continue our journey through the market square, it's hard not to be swept up in the sights, sounds, and especially the smells that float on the cool breeze.  Fresh baked bread from Delb's Bakery is a constant reminder that you haven't yet had breakfast.  The Kothi carts are busy roasting beans and serving their life-giving brew to the market-folk before they open shop, and to those looking for a good deal early in the day.

It isn't long before your meandering leads you to small alley adjacent to the Street of Antiquities, a well shaded lane with a few poorly-constructed shack-like buildings.  One in particular grabs your eye, a colorful display of scarves, rags and tatters as well as the remnants of various rugs having from the wood scraps that serve as a makeshift awning.

This must be the shop of the infamous rug merchant, Shantiir Mu’udim...

Shantiir Mu’udim: Carpets, Rugs, and Drugs

Three stalls down from Arik Destra, the renowned seller of all things rare and refined, is the shop of Shantiir Mu’udim, a rug merchant who hails from some far desert land that he never seems to name.  The shop is easily located, not because of its proximity to Arik’s stall but instead because the outside is decorated in bright gold and red swatches of paint and silk that falls about the entrance, lending to the exotic feel of the rug merchant’s place of business.

It is likely that characters will be greeted first not by Shantiir, but by scents unfamiliar and pleasing.  Breathing deeply of the smoky, cloyingly sweet scented air of the shop brings a easy calm, an effect of the flowers and oils heated in a small clay vessel on the table at the center of the small shop’s main gallery.

Rugs hang on strange, tree-like stands set against the three other walls of Shantiir’s shop, and the corners are stuffed and stacked with carpets of all shapes and sizes.  The space feels warm and comfortable, as if the merchandise was reaching out to hug you in a soft, carpety embrace.

Is it me, or is it getting warmer in here?  I feel so relaxed.  This place has amaaaazing rugs!

Shantiir always waits a few moments before making an appearance.  Short and lithe, he moves slowly about his domain as if passing through water.  He will seem to arrive on the scene as if from nowhere, but he simply has the hanging rugs positioned in such a way as to create this illusion.  If the characters are in need of a rug, he can show them hundreds.  Prices start at 30gp for something around 3x5, and can get as high as 1000gp for something large and more elaborate.  For 5000gp, he can provide a Flying Carpet, but this is a special order and will take five days to fulfill.

The rug merchant can also get you high in several other ways.  As the market’s premier seller of substances smoked, sniffed and swallowed, Shantiir can provide a shrewd shopper with many foreign mood enhancers, including:

  1. Zyrellan Sweet Leaf [Hallucinogenic, mild] {inhaled via smoking}
  2. Poopa Powder [Stimulant, mild] {inhaled via sniffing}
  3. Myconic Spore [Hallucinogenic, strong] {ingested}
  4. Nerullian Vapor Pots [Depressant, strong] {inhaled}
  5. Yellowjacket Grub [Stimulant, Hallucinogenic, mild] {ingested}
  6. Sophorna Witchweed [Hallucinogenic, Very Strong] {inhaled via smoking}

[for more details of these drugs, visit this Previous Post]

It's hard to leave Shantiir's shop without leaving some gold behind, but if you do manage to save some coin for your evening, there are merchants who will gladly serve your other hungers...

We shall visit one or two of those on our next visit to the Market Square in Elbion.

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