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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A Baker's Denizen is Now Available to Nosh!

 A Baker's Denizen

Well, I did it again.  No...not that.

I Published a new OSR Adventure Module called...yeah, yeah...I know.  You can see the title. OK.  Ok.

But can you blame me for being a bit proud of myself?  I mean.  I wrote Adventure Most Fowl and I wasn't this excited.  This post, however, is not about me, but about the people that helped me.  I may have been able to put together a module alone, even get it online for sale, but this work is not just my doing.

First, there's Deron.  As Always, he read, edited, reread, and edited again.  My words are good, but his changes make them readable.  I could and would never publish anything to the public space without his help.  He's a good player, a great GM, and most of a wonderful friend.

I would be remiss if I also didn't mention Dennis...ok.  I mentioned him.  Moving on.

Thanks again to Dyson Logos, whose hard work and willingness to share that work with small publishers is truly one of the finest things going in the RPG  Hobby-Space.  His map was the inspiration for the module, and thus there would be no adventure without him.  Thank you.

Much Thanks to Deven Rue.  Her amazing art is on the cover, but the more impressive work is on the inside.  She worked a miracle, taking the already great map from Dyson, and with a splash of color has made it fantastic!

More incredible still, through the magic that is social media I was able to chat briefly with Russ Nicholson, who has allowed me to reuse the original art of the Dark Creeper, a prominent monster in a dangerous encounter!  I have been a fan of Russ' work for so long, I can hardly remember a time that his images have not been synonymous with my RPG experience.  Thank you Russ, for allowing me to bring a bit of my childhood into my present.

I hope that if you decide to pull the trigger and buy my module, that you enjoy reading and running it as much as I enjoyed writing it and putting it together.  HMU if you have questions or comments, and happy gaming in 2017!!

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