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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Things I Hate About Playing the Game

In this season of joy and peace and love it’s easy to get all warm and fuzzy about how much we love playing RPG’s.  We love the system, or the dice, or the dice bags.  We enjoy spending time with our friends, drinking and eating and laughing and having a good time.  Yeah, I like those things, but aren’t there things that get under your skin too?

What about those niggling little pesky things?  What get’s yer goat?  What things, if any, make you angry about the game, or the system, or heck...even people you play with?

Some things that bother me are just plain silly.  For instance, when my ‘good dice’ roll poorly.  Why?  What have I done to displease the Dice Gods?  But I think I have some more serious complaints too.

For example, I don’t like feeling lost in the dungeon, so I work to map it if I can.  It helps if the GM is good at describing things, and I don’t even mind if he peeps my map and tells me to make adjustments.  I try to do that as a GM as well, if someone is mapping it out.  It’s alot of work to be that guy, fun stuff, but work.  If a GM is a poor ‘describer’ or doesn’t care that I’m mapping for the party, and isn’t helpful when I need that, I get a bit miffed.  It’s for his benefit too, if as I map I make note of that strange hallway we passed by...especially if that hallway leads to his Big Bad Evil Guy or a trap he was dying to spring on us.  So a GM who doesn’t support me when I’m mapping out his dungeon as we play...he bothers me.

I also really get bugged when no one in the party seems to want to speak up at the table.  Not be the ‘boss of everybody’, but someone really needs to take the reins and gather everyone’s thoughts on some particular matter and then guide the whole thing along.  It doesn’t need to be the same player every time, but when an entire group of people (re: adults) at a table (Real or Virtual) is saying nothing and making no decisions...I get twisted in knots.  Sometime I’m that guy, (the ‘caller’, for you OSR guys) but I don’t need or want to be ‘that guy’ all of the time.

What else?
I don’t love a Monty Haul style GM.  
It bugs me if the game is constantly derailed by nonsense chit-chat.  

Oh!  I don’t like when players bring un-sharable snacks.  Bring stuff for everyone!  We are grown-ups people.  Share your food. And if you are hosting the game, you should make some food and drink available. Even Chips and something to drink is fine, but inviting folks over and not offering some level of refreshment is rude...but that's just my opinion.

I would really like to hear what thing other folks don’t like...your nit-picks, your pet peeves.  Maybe you have a story you’d like to share with the group?  Drop a comment.  I’m sure we’d like to hear about your gaming table issues.


  1. If that image, represents your typical snack table, I really need to re-evaluate what I consider acceptable snacking.

    That looks amazing.

    Do folks attend your game, but seem uninterested in the narrative?
    Your snack table may be a key to the answer.


    1. Ha! That's just a pic I grabbed to represent snack tables (an exaggeration, given the image contents). I do usually lay out some cheeses, crackers, pretzels and drinks though. Basic stuff most folks enjoy, and I encourage players to bring things they like to share as well. Generally this has been a good thing...

  2. It annoys me when the GM wants to act out the human sacrifices.

    1. always a bummer...also creepy...also call 911

  3. I have a "pet peeve" with the new min-maxing... I don't know if it was better with 'roll 4xD6 six times' but somehow it was more variety between characters. Now I feel that any character can do the work of both a warrior and a wizard and some of the magic is lost.

    1. oh...this is a huge issue for me. I'm not the biggest fan of 5e as indicated here:

    2. Mini-maxing, rules lawyers, game inflation? Not new. 1977 or 1978 - a blended OD&D/early AD&D game being run by some teens in the back of the shop connected (next door) to Lou Zocchi's joint. Was PCS to Kessler AFB, and my roommate & I took advantage of the proximity of Zocchi's to join the game - where we were told to roll percentiles to determine our starting levels. (sigh)

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  4. I like what you've said here.

    I don't agree 100% on the snacks issue, but that's because I was part of a group where people would bring snacks and everyone (except for one dude) would bring stuff or donate $2 to the "snack jar".

    The host would use that money (from the snack jar) once a month to get everyone a nice spread. This one dude would always sit there and eat, but never bring anything or give even a dollar. There is only so many times you can let a dude slide before one person gets annoyed and then that causes others to get annoyed. We tried to get this dude donate anything, once a month, once every other month. He refused. Said he was unemployed and couldn't afford to do it, but could afford to buy "toys" for himself some how. Long story short, the group decided no more snacks, bring your own drinks and we would break halfway through for an hour and everyone would go get lunch (or dinner). If someone had a snack, it was a small personal snack and no one was upset about it. Kind of sad. Since I've had this experience, when I host I go over with people and we vote. Snacks vs no snacks - donations vs who cares. This way there is no hard feelings and everything is upfront.

    1. The MOOCHER! A good point to be brought up during the "Airing of Grievances' Blog post. Thanks Vince.

      I can see how this 'person' could be annoying, and it probably would bother me if they never brought anything to share or contribute. As a kid I ran into this guy on any number of fronts, but as an adult not as much so I consider myself lucky.

      I think your resolution was reasonable, though I don't like the idea of interrupting the game for an extended break. I like to keep things moving at the table if I can, as most often we have a limited window in which to play (4-5 hours is normal, as my days of super-long RP sessions has long since passed).

      Thanks for the comment, and I'll be catching up on the RFI and other Podcasts this week! Always love listening to you guys...

  5. Now that I am older and most of the is as well, we tend to like that little break for lunch/dinner to recharge and come back for another block.

    Thank you for supporting and listening to the shows!