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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Girls Gone Rogue : Alpha Blue part deux

I'll say one thing for Venger Satanis, he's consistent!  I reviewed Alpha Blue a few weeks ago, and had been wondering what sort of follow-up VS had in mind.  Had I known that I would find the greatest sand-faring creature ever to bless a source-book in the Vagina Whale Sand Worm, I would have gravitated to this earlier.  Never before have (3?) things come together in so eloquent a manner.  Thank goodness there's an illustration so I don't have to leave it all up to my imagination, which could never handle processing a creature so distinct and unusual.  Kudoz to the artist.

Where to begin?  Girls Gone Rogue is not too distinct from Alpha Blue, using the same approach of campy, sci-fi trope humor to accentuate the sleazy, low-rent feel of the space-station turned whore-house.  VS has once again managed to take some of the best TV and Movie references of the 70's and 80's and drop them into a sea of a thousand tables.  Oh...don't you worry.  Uncle Venger made sure that this source-book was loaded with tables for everything from 'how does she look during orgasm?" (BTW...nice reference to Office Space there), to my favorite, the Female Attributes Table.  Now, I'm no feminist, but I find it curious that the male attribute table has 20 entries, and the female is a d100 roll!  So funny...entries like Pregnant, Abusive, and Never Wants Sex are just a few winners that top this chart!

That's nothing compared to the Turn-on table...which curiously crosses every line of good taste (of which I have none, so fret not) except does not list Poop!  Seriously, are there places even Venger will not tread?  Was Poop the line he would not cross?  Hmmmm....

Let's talk about art.  Some of it was rehashed from Alpha Blue, but that's cool, since some folks might buy either book and not the other (though IMHO, you should grab both, otherwise it just seems incomplete).  I decided that the image of the Sean Young-ish Replicant-ish chick beaver shot is my favorite new illustration from the lot, followed closely by the orgy scene with the Grell with penises where the hook/claws would normally be (that is some seriously crazy shit man...)

Venger has done a nice job rounding out the AB universe with some ship-to-ship combat rules, planetary type tables, and going a bit deeper on the Zedi (who are you kidding with that?  We all know you're under investigation from Lucas' legal team).  Possibly the nicest addition are the adventure scenarios towards the end.  If you weren't sure how to use these books, go right to those and pick a good time to be had by all, then roll up some PC's and start drinking...ehem..I mean playing.  There are references to some great, classic won't find them all on the first pass.  It took two readings for me to find the transformers reference...nice one there.

Now, VS sent me a review copy, but he told me I could say anything I want about these books.  I'm just gonna go with the following statement:

If you are easily offended, this stuff isn't for you.  It's not for kids, old ladies, SJW's, or small woodland creatures.  If you are an irreverent, somewhat twisted character of a moral standing that is nearer to sitting, or laying down, then this might be a fun way for you and your buddies to pass an evening.  It's gonna derail.  Let it.  That's all part of the fun!  Hopefully my enjoyment of this book and its mate won't make you think less of me.


  1. "It's gonna derail. Let it. That's all part of the fun!"

    You just said a mouthful, hoss. BTW, in the Alpha Blue book, under the sexual fetish golden showers, there's a 1 in 6 chance for loving poop. So, I will cross that line... every once in awhile.

    Anyways, thanks for the review!

    1. Howard knows me too well... looking it up on DTRPG...

  2. Just bought the bundle... lol
    Working on a (using the term loosely) "Scifi" for the next campaign I'm hosting! ;)

    1. btw... how do I get this past Staples print on demand??? ;)

    2. These books are definitely dangerous in the Kurbis' hands...remember's all PRETEND.

    3. I want to read about your experiences with Alpha Blue.