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Monday, August 15, 2016

Monsterous Deviation : Stepson of Kyuss

Sure, we all know about those wormy, undead bastards that the old cleric turned demi-god Kyuss uses to spread his love of all things not-quite-deceased...but no one ever discusses their lesser known relative by marriage, the Stepson of Kyuss.

A unique character, the Stepson of Kyuss (his mother calls him by his first name, Todd) is undead by association, and his powers are a mere shadow of his full-no-blood brethren, however he has abilities granted to him by his mothers blood.

The Stepson of Kyuss was still young when his parents got together, and living at home with the demi-god of Undeath (Nerull still isn't letting that half-god out of the tower) meant long days and nights stuck in the house with not too much to do.  He never really approved of the match, and certainly thought his mom could do better, but she seemed happy with Kyuss and he never hit her, yelled at her, or stepped out on her (of course, he really couldn't...soooo).

As he got older, his mother allowed him to go out, and his new stepdad frequently asked him to check in on his brothers and make sure they were spreading the word...and the worms.

Frequency: Extremely Rare
No. Appearing: 1 (and only)
Armor Class : 5
Move: 25'
% in Lair: NIL (hates going home)
Treasure Type: Might have some jewelry
NO. of Attacks: 2
Damage / Attacks: 1d8 (longsword)
Special Attacks:  See Below
Special Defenses : See Below
Magic Resistance : Pretty Good (33% chance to be unaffected by any spell, immune to sleep, charm, or hold spells of any kind)
Intelligence: High (but not as High as he thinks)
Alignment: Chaotic Annoying (just play it as chaotic with no intent, so he may even act in a good way if he can be persuaded...but no matter what, he will probably whine)
Size: M
Psionic Ability: NIL
XP Value: 1500

The Stepson of Kyuss has immunity to non-magical weapons (thanks to his helicopter mom).  He wields a long-sword with proficiency, and it is the only thing he has left from his 'real dad'.  The sword is +2, +4 vs. undead.   His new dad and his brothers are all deathly afraid of the blade, and Kyuss has often yelled at Todd for wearing it around the house, calling it an 'abomination' and a 'bothersome thing'.

His mother has taught him the basics of both fighting and spell-casting, and he is a 6th level fighter/magic user.

He can cast as a magic user 6, so 4-1st level, 2-2nd level, and 2-3rd level spells. His favorites are Sleep, Magic Missile, Levitate and Fireball, but he has access to the full list of available spells, so simply choose based on mood (that's how Todd rolls).

He saves using whichever table has better numbers.

The Stepson of Kyuss has a terrible weakness.  If attackers taunt him about his mom and stepdad, yelling such epithets as 'your mom does that thing Kyuss likes' or 'I heard your mom likes to take the worm', he will fly into a rage and immediately attack, but he will be at a -4 since he's both angry, and crying.


  1. I thought this version would stay in its parents basement suite for ages producing youtube videos... interesting.

  2. Damn my mistake, that would be Step-Brothers of Kyuss