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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Penny for Your Thoughts: A Few Monetary Magic Items

Copper Piece of Mind Reading:   A coin minted by the Thought-Priests of Yth, when this copper piece (really, any value coin could be used in place of) is rubbed between the thumb and index finger, it will reveal the surface thoughts of the person who the holder is concentrating on.  This item cannot be used to detect outright lies unless the target thinks it (so possible but not definite).

The Priests of Yth often used such items to supplement their own natural telepathic abilities, thus lessening the strain on their personal energy reserves.

Silver Lining Purse: This small coin purse made from dark gray leather is well worn on the outside, with a patina that suggests long and heavy use.  When opened the inside has a brilliant silver silk lining.  The will always have Silver coins, though the amount can vary. 2d10 pieces of silver will be in the pouch each time it is opened, and the pouch may be opened 5 times/day.  Subsequent pouch openings are not dangerous but will not yield any new silver coins.

A unique item, the purse was the creation of Sigilus Phaos, a wizard who spent much of his life on the road in search of unusual spells and forgotten lore.  Tired of having to keep silver on hand to pay for food, lodging, and other sundry items needed on extended trips, Sigilus stumbled upon the magical theorem to produce the silver cloth that lines this magical pouch.  It is rumored that he later applied this same magical theorem to a small iron box, but utilizing a golden lining.  

Cursed Gold Piece(s): Sometimes greed goes just a bit too far.  In the case of Elias of Moonhollow, it drove him mad.  No more frugal a merchant did ever exist, and his cheapness was legendary, overshadowed only by his greed.  When he tried to swindle that hedge-witch, however, he went just a little too far.  She was pissed, and nothing is worse than a hedge-witch scorned, as we all know.  She left Elias with a parting gift...that any gold he touched would be cursed, and that passing that gold on would be impossible.  He snickered, she left, and I think you kow what happened next.

When it was time to buy that new inventory for the shop, and Elias haggled the salesman down to 5 gold for the lot, payment could not be made.  Hand the gold over as he might, it simply stuck to him, refusing to leave his palm.  What was worse, as he reached into the box to get others (thinking these bewitched), the new ones stuck as well.  He simply could not pay the man, and so no inventory could be bought.

The curse was strong, and Elias died a wealthy man who couldn’t buy a loaf of bread.  Problem is, the curse didn’t end with Elias.  It was strong, and the gold he touched remained cursed.  The men who found Elias, dead and gripping his gold-filled chest, thought they had struck the mother lode.  Nope.  That curse was going strong...and now these greedy fellows had it too.

So now, many years later, an occasional piece of Elias’ gold hoard resurfaces.  It curses the person who touches it, and all of the gold, silver, copper or platinum he or she touches thereafter (until a remove curse cast at a high level (7) is cast upon the person and/or the gold.  Once cursed, gold and other coins cannot be used unless a Remove Curse is cast.  Such coins should be handled with care and disposed of in a manner that will not see them resurface.  Melting these coins will remove the curse, but burying them will not.