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Friday, July 22, 2016

Gimme Drugs..Gimme Drugs...1d6 Drugs...

Welcome!  I've recently been working on a new supplement chock full of weird and wonderful NPC's for just about any campaign, but I keep getting sidetracked.  This happens to me alot, but I'm trying to turn those strange deviations into something useful to others.  In that spirit, I present to you a small list of interesting (and purely fictional) drugs for your perusal and use.

I might add this list to the supplement once it's complete, but really there's no reason for me not to share it with you a bit early.

I was greatly inspired by this video, which people of a certain age will remember with a kind of melancholy mixed with fondness...

...and now without further ado, I give you drugs!

  1. Zyrellan Sweet Leaf [Hallucinogenic, Euphoric, very mild] {inhaled via smoking}
  2. Poopa Powder [Stimulant, mild] {inhaled via sniffing}
  3. Myconic Spore [Hallucinogenic, strong] {ingested}
  4. Nerullian Vapor Pots [Depressant, strong] {inhaled}
  5. Yellowjacket Grub [Stimulant, Hallucinogenic, mild] {ingested}
  6. Sophorna Witchweed [Hallucinogenic, Very Strong] {inhaled via smoking}

  1. Zyrellan Sweet Leaf : This common drug, often referred to as simply ‘Leaf’ on the streets, back alleys, and some pubs is a mild hallucinogen that is fairly common.  ‘Leaf’ is not generally smoked openly on the street, but some pubs, inns, and bathhouses allow it to be smoked within the confines of the establishment, or in select rooms set aside for this specific purpose.  While generally frowned upon by most local authorities, it’s use is widespread and not usually illegal, save for those places where the governing body has some ulterior motive for banning it (say, in an aggressive Theocracy, where religion is the drug of choice for the ruling body).  It’s effects are mild and short-lived, and include mild euphoria, a feeling of general relaxation, a lessening of general inhibition, and in some stronger strains of the plant, mild hallucinations.  ‘Leaf’ is not addictive, but often becomes a product that is enjoyed and thus used habitually. Overdose results in a super-relaxed state, ultra-sensitivity to light, and a sensation that you can feel the bones in your hand very, very acutely.

  1. Poopa Powder : The preferred stimulant of the Noble Houses and ruling Merchant Class, this expensive bright green powder is not (as many believe) made from plants, but raised.  The Poopa is the second-stage of the Petha Beetle, a dangerous and carnivorous giant insect that can be found in jungles and other hot and wet environments throughout the world.  Difficult to breed and raise in captivity, the young Poopa is fed a strict diet of human flesh in order to facilitate the harvesting of the finest and strongest powder.  The primary effect of Poopa Powder is a heightened state of awareness (all checks at +2) and will increase reaction time considerably (+2 to Initiative and +1 to Hit), but the drug has a relatively short life in the body, working for approx 30 minutes before it wears off, a state often referred to by users as ‘bottoming’.  This drug is highly addictive, and regular use will have strong side effects.  Such long term side effects include paranoia, constant sluggishness (-1 to init and -1 to hit), memory lapse, and seizures.  Overdose results in coma or death in most cases.

  1. Myconic Spore : A rare drug, Myconic Spores are a drug discovered and used primarily by Gnomes, who often live with or near the Fungus Creatures who emit these spores when attempting to reproduce.  The spores vary in size and shape, but most are about the size of a large marble and are blue with small red dots throughout.  Gnomes use the spores in various baked goods for flavoring, and once cooked they lose their hallucinogenic properties, though foods they are baked into will create a mild euphoria in the eater not unlike strong wine.  In its raw state, the spore must be eaten, and users of the drug will often grind it and eat it in or with something sweet.   The effects of the drug are immediate and intense, inducing powerful hallucinations that are so real, the user is unaware that they are not completely real.  Common hallucinations are the belief that the user is speaking with a God, that the user is flying (either self propelled or on the back of some mythical beast like a dragon or gryphon), or that the user is once again a small child and back in the arms of a mother or father who may have passed.  Not all use will result in one of the previous hallucinations, but there does seem to be an overwhelming propensity for the drug to induce one of the more common hallucinations.  The drug is not physically addictive, but it is often hard to convince the user that his or her experiences while on the drug were in fact not real.  Some Scholars and Alchemists have had success in actually inducing a very specific hallucination to a subject given a small to medium dose, but hard data is not available.  Gnomes think that humans are fools for using the spores in this way, as it tastes delicious in honeycake and makes eating a bellberry pie just so much better.

  1. Nerullian Vapor Pots : Having trouble sleeping?  Get a Nerullian Vapor Pot.  This enclosed clay pot contains a strange mixture of herbs blended into a strange paste that is a secret held closely by the Alchemists of Yith, and has become an integral part of the economy of that enclave.  These pots are often used by physicians to induce deep sleep in patients who require undisturbed slumber, as the vapors emitted once set atop a small flame will place the breather into a near-catatonic state.  Less scrupulous folks have used such devices to induce sleep in a victim, making a house that much easier to burgle, or an individual so much simpler to dispatch.  Even less scrupulous individuals may have used such a device to take advantage of a woman, a practice first recorded in the case of Lord Ruefuss in the Elmbren Empire and such acts have thereafter been referred to as ‘having been Ruefeed’.  Lord Ruefuss was eventually apprehended and parts of him were removed in order to facilitate the end of his lewd and lascivious practices.  Vapor Pots are dosed exactly, so it is unlikely that a user will overdose, but continued use of Nerullian Vapor Pots can and will have serious and permanent side effects, including permanent loss of motor skills and slowed reaction times (-1 to initiative and -2 to hit), lowered state of alertness (-1 to all checks), and general and irreversible lethargy.  While not physically addictive, some users may find normal sleep routines difficult to return to after prolonged exposure to these powerful vapors.

  1. Yellowjacket Grub : Chewed by the Mountain Dwarves on particularly deep digs, or when tunnelling high into the mountain peak, this chewy and foul-tasting larvae is a mild stimulant which helps regulate breathing when oxygen is in short supply.  Dwarves, with their increased constitution, do not suffer any of the other effects of the grub, including mild hallucinations, euphoria, or increased appetite.  Raised in batches in many dwarven homes, these grubs are eaten alive.  Dead and dried grubs have no effect, as the toxin they produce quickly dissipates once the creature is deceased.  Dwarves will sell their grubs to Humans, but not without laughing at the buyer during the entire transaction since only a fool would pay for something so easily found in the rich loam beneath dwarven mountain homes.  When chewed and swallowed by a human, the grub toxin will induce a feeling of euphoria, a general lightheadedness, and mild hallucinations (light trails and general visual anomalies giving the illusion of movement where there is none) which may cause mild paranoia.  Used to create a heightened state of awareness, the Yellowjacket Grub will give the ingester +1 to reaction rolls including initiative.  Side effects are minimal, but a great hunger is common approximately 30 minutes after the grub has been eaten.  If food is available, the user will be unable to do anything but eat for 1 hour, not consuming so much food as to be sick, but casually chowing down on whatever is available.  If no food is available, the user will become obsessed by the locating of said food for that same duration of 1 hour.  This side effect is commonly known as ‘grubbing’, and users often out themselves when they utter the phrase, ‘I need to feed my grub’.  (You thought I was going to say ‘get my grub on’, but I would never stoop that low for a cheap laugh)

  1. Sophorna Witchweed : Often used by witches during seasonal celebrations or rituals, Sophorna Witchweed is a dark purple plant that grows wild on forest floors, usually near faerie rings (outside of them, since fairies keep the center of their rings clean and neat).  This plant is a gateway drug, and when smoked it shifts the user 1 small dimension to the left, placing the individual slightly out of phase with the rest of the world.  The smoker can see and hear everything happening around him, albeit at a slightly slower pace.  If multiple people smoke, they will all shift together.  This shared experience is what the witches who smoke Sophorna are after, as it is in this place that they summon and commune with their patron demons.  This dimension shift is physical, and the smoker will appear to others around him/her to be ‘fading away’.  Users often refer to the practice as ‘Fading’. The smoked plant creates a mild euphoria and in less experienced smokers there may be mild audio or visual hallucinations once the shift has taken place.  Any items held or worn by the smoker will ‘Fade’ with them and can be manipulated, but objects such as closed doors, locked chests, etc cannot be touched or felt, and the user will merely sense an ‘obstruction’.  Sophorna Witchweed is mildly addictive, and some ‘Faders’ will smoke even once shifted.  Prolonged exposure to the drug during this period may result in permanent ‘fade’ (3 such smoking events during the same fade).  One full pinch of Sophorna will last 1 full hour.


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