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Friday, July 29, 2016

Deviations from the Norm: Magic Items with a Twist

I've been on a writing tear this week. It's the middle of summer, work is slow, and I have time for ideas not just to gestate but to be fully birthed and then proudly displayed through the window of the blog (a hideous metaphor).

My gaming group is on a bit of a forced hiatus, with vacations happening and such, so i'm given time to jot down my brain-ramblings. I recently started a GoblinStomper twitter feed, so please feel free to add @Goblin_Stomper to your feed. Don't worry, i'm no twitter bomber..I hate a clogged feed as much as the next guy.

Also...i'm listening to alot of Rush this week.

Are there ever enough magic items?  Can a party’s thirst for power be slaked?  Nope.

To that end, I want to end the week with a few interesting, hopefully unique (but probably not) items that I’ve been considering using in my own campaign (or something like them, for those who might be reading this JOHN).  These items all look, and will be identified as, normal magic items of their type however they all have a bit of sneaky side effect….sometimes good, and other time..eeeeh...not so much.

I know I’ve already posted some magic this week here, but really...who can’t use a few more?

  1. Healing Draught of Rufi : This potion acts as a potion of Cure Light Wounds(1d8 hp recovered), however it has the effect of putting the drinker into a deep slumber almost as soon as it’s healing power begins to work.  The imbiber will fall unconscious for as many hours as HP healed.
  2. The Inverse Amulet : While this amulet, with it’s simple design of a shield with runes embossed upon both sides, will be IDENTIFIED as an Amulet of Protection (+2), it has a small design flaw that presents a bit of a problem for the wearer.  On one side of the amulet, the image of the shield has a single reversed rune.  No big whoop….amiright?  Yeah...well...what happens if you wear the amulet on the ‘reversed rune’ side?  (-2) Protection, that’s what.  
  3. Ring of Invisibility & Silence : Maybe this item has a downside, maybe it’s all good, but in any case this ring will turn the wearer invisible until such time as the wearer attacks/comes in physical contact with another PC/NPC/Monster.  Once this happens the invisibility is broken for a period of 24 hrs, at which time the rings magic can be activated once again.  Oh, and while the ring is working and active, the user is also completely silent.  Not a peep.  No footstep noises.  No farts or burps.  Nothing.  Silence. Want to cast a spell that has a verbal component? No dice!
  4. Helm of Sympathy  : Imagine knowing just how another person feels, so much so that you’re inclined to involve yourself in their issues.  The Helm of Sympathy (+3) will identify as a Helm of Empathy, as that was the magic that was imbued into it during creation.  The dwarf mage who forged it had other notions however, and it was created to serve a slightly twisted’s an item with unusual and sometimes awful consequences.  That fellow over there who needs a few coins and is eyeing you up?  He really seems to want those coins, and you feel like you should give them to him.  Oh, and that girl over there who is so angry and upset about her husband cheating on her?  He needs his ass handed to him.  The Helm of Sympathy has another won’t come off.  The last guy who wore it felt very angry, much like the barbarian fighting alongside him...unfortunately, that last guy really lost his head.  Really. (A remove curse or dispel magic of sufficient power should allow the wearer to remove the helm, but will not nullify the helm’s magic.

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