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Monday, October 2, 2017

My Sense of the RPG Community Deepens

When I started playing D&D (a long, long time ago), my ‘gaming community’ included a few (very few) friends from school.  That was it.  A couple of players came and went, but we got it done.  If I forgot my dice, my friend Sean always had some.  If Mike needed my DMG to look something up because his left his at his grandparents house, it was a non issue.  We made sure we shared pooled our resources so we could have fun.

Later on, as hobby shops began to incorporate RPG’s into their repertoire, a small local community of gamers began to build.  My local hobby shop, like many stores, had a bulletin board with 3x5 cards as a makeshift classified ad space littered with the names and phone numbers of local folks looking to play or start running a game.  In a hobby shop near my new home in Houston (I moved at 16), answering one of those ads had led to me not only meeting other gamers, but my best friend (to this day) Dennis.  That phone call led to some of the greatest, most memorable, completely epic game sessions of my life, along with opening the door to a host of new folks to meet and play the game with me.

These days, the hobby is an internet sensation.  With players of every age and location connected, that rickety cork bulletin board at the hobby shop has become a virtual board across thousands of websites with tentacles deep in social media.  We talk about our game(s) 24/7 with both friends and strangers.  We share our ideas, our maps, our monsters with anyone and everyone, an exchange of intellectual stock that has no beginning or end.  It’s helped me meet new people to game with in unexpected ways, and given me a platform to discuss my own ideas and feelings about the hobby I love so dearly.

Today, that sense of community has clobbered me on the head directly.  The feels are deep and real. I will elaborate.

A short while ago I posted on my blog about my love of shelfies, and how and why they hit me so deeply in the feels.  If you haven’t read it, you don’t have to, but it may help you with what’s to follow.

Briefly after the release of that post (to which I had many wonderful responses from folks in similar circumstances...many stories were shared, so thanks for that guys!) I received a message via Facebook from a fellow named Rick.  I’m not going to give any more info than that, in case he wishes to remain mostly anonymous.  Rick had read my post, and in a moment of filial solidarity and connection, asked me if I wanted some books from his library.  He was willing to sacrifice some of his extra copies of 1e game books for what amounted to an insanely low amount of money relative to the current market.

After a bit of conversation between us, I sent him some fun-bucks.

Today I am so happy to have received these, and cannot wait to get home and clear a few unnecessary shelf-space-stealers so I can proudly display my new old friends, and share with you guys my own ‘shelfie’.

I think it's safe to say that the internet is neither good nor evil, but a tool.  For me, this week, it is the hammer which has driven home the nail of friendship and camaraderie.  I have never met Rick.  We have spoken briefly via FB and text.  Today Rick gave me something I did not think I would ever have again for several reasons I won't repeat here, but those books look and feel a certain way in my hands that a .pdf can and will never replicate.  I could have just texted him, but I wanted to share my deep thanks publicly, as I'm proud to display it so.  I hope Rick knows, but I will say it anyway, that we are now friends.  There's nothing he can do about it I'm afraid, he's stuck with me.

Thanks to all of you who read and comment here on the blog.  Thanks to everyone who follows and interacts with me on FB or Twitter, keeping my day fun, engaging, and interesting.  I really do appreciate it.

Game on guys!


  1. Awesome and uplifting -- this post just brightened my otherwise dreary day with the thought of how cool people can be. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for your comment and thanks for reading. Yesterday was a tough day for many of us, so I wanted to share something good and kind.