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Friday, March 3, 2017

Too Many Cooks...Write A Cookbook!

It's Friday, and I have a crazy idea for some side-fun action...

I don't know about you guys, but for me D&D/Roleplaying Games and Food are two things that are inexorably intertwined.  From my earliest days of playing with my preteen pals, pizza, soda, chips, and other sundry items were always available when we congregated around the kitchen or dining-room table to play a session.

I think part of the reason that food was always integral to the game was the length of time a game usually takes.  As kids we would play for entire work days, and sometimes we put in overtime hours.  These days I don't have that sort of time to invest in my game (but I wish I did), but I still find that having food available to feed the folks I'm having fun with is a huge part of the game.  Eating together is deeply rooted in our culture, regardless of our individual backgrounds.

These days there's less pizza and soda, and far more interesting food going on at my games.  If I want something quick and simple, I'll throw down some really interesting cheeses, olives, pita & hummus, some raw veg and then some sweets...cookies, brownies, doughnuts...all the classics.  Other times I may start a big crock of chili, or submerge a flotilla of meatballs in sauce.  I love cooking as much as I love gaming, so there's no telling what I might whip up.

SO...I had this crazy idea that it would be fun to start aggregating recipes from around the TTRPG web!  What do you think?  Would you be up to submit your favorite game-time recipe?  Does it have a fun name, like Goblin Balls, or Dragon Steaks, or Elminster's Wicked Wings, or NomNom Numenera Nibbles???  Holy Crap!  I could do this all day!

{breathes}  OK..ok..I'm cool.  Let's continue...

So here's what I'm suggesting.

I've set up a gmail account for the blog Send Me Recipes! []

or contact me via twitter @goblin_stomper
or on facebook

and send me a link to your recipe, wherever it may be, and I will start compiling them into a fun book that we can share with everyone else!  This isn't for money, i'm not going to sell it...I just think it will be a fun project.  I plan to distribute it via a dropbox link to anyone and everyone, so your recipe could be seen by hundreds, even THOUSANDS of fellow gamers..

Of course, no one might wanna send me any recipes, and so it will just be me and my Monster Manual I Meatballs in Sauron Sauce (Cause they have bite! and that sauce is evil much so that your butt may experience the lava of Mount Doom much like that famous ring that short guy threw in)

What do you guys think?

{inner monologue} no one's going to want to do this.  This is stupid.  They just order pizza!  No one wants a Role-playing Cookbook.


  1. I tried to post from my phone the other day, apparently it failed. I think it's a good idea. I cook WAY more than I game, let me dig around and see what I have that fits the mood.


    1. I look forward to seeing your recipe! Thanks!