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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A Visit to Elbion's Merchant Quarter

For our first trip to Elbion, let us pay a visit to one of the merchants who ensure that the citizenry are provided with the best in quality, luxury, and value...

Elbion is a city of secrets.  While many seek knowledge from the sages of the Enclave or the wisdom of the Brotherhood for the enlightenment it may provide, still others seek the cloak of shadow and darkness that Elbion can provide as they attempt to remove and re-invent themselves.  It is here that some will come to escape the chains that bind them to their past...

The Merchants Quarter

Though not as large as the Great Bazaar of Ut, and not as well known as the Market Square in Hargelis, the Merchants Quarter of Elbion houses some of the rarest and most profitable houses of mercantilism in the Kingdoms.  

Buildings of grey and black stone ripped from the heart of the nearest mountains,  this section of the city is home to many sellers of goods, as well as inns, taverns, and carts and stalls filled with food and other sundries.  Awash in sounds and smells, the Merchants quarter is bustling with activity from early in the morning until well late into the evening.  

From it’s earliest days supporting the scholars who came to study with the Brothers of Implacable Thirst, the marketplace of goods and services in Elbion has taken on an organic shape.  At its center lies the heart of the market, a wide circle of open space dotted with the carts and kiosks of the diaspora, as well as the food and drink of those folks.  The next outer perimeter provides access to the small shops and tents of those nomads who come and go with the seasons. Finally, on the edge of the Quarter there are the stone buildings that are home to the resident merchants.

Talboth Rogg : Purveyor of all things Shiny

He’s not an impressive fellow, standing only five feet tall and looking so thin that a pigeons flapping wings might knock him to the ground, but this wee bit of a man has the keenest eyes and steadiest hand in Elbion, and his art sparkles with the brilliance of a thousand suns.

From deep red ruby’s set into shining platinum bands, to sparkling white diamonds and sea-green emeralds woven into a web to encircle the neck of the most beautiful of women, Talboth Rogg is a jeweler whose work can be found throughout the world, but he makes his home in Elbion.

A closer inspection of Talboth reveals a man of middle years, hair thinning and grey, and age beginning to show itself on the ridges of his forehead as deep wrinkles.    His eyes, often hidden behind thick glasses with small, silver frames are blue and green and reveal nothing of his age.  He wears the simple clothes of a craftsman, brown trousers and a white shirt both covered by a well-worn leather apron with burn marks, cuts, and punctures.  A small pocket on the apron holds any number of tools, and a small jeweler's loop is attached to a gold chain around Talboth’s neck, the only bit of fancy kit on an otherwise plainly dressed fellow.

Characters who interact with Talboth will find him a calm and intelligent fellow, willing to negotiate with regard to items for sale or commissions, and is able to hold his own during said negotiations.  His business acumen aside, he is a generally private person and doesn’t offer up information about himself or others easily.

The jewelry shop is a reflection of its owner, simple and unadorned.  Two small glass cases pull double duty as the front counter.  The rest of the shop is open and airy, with several small tables and some comfortable chairs...a place for customers to sit and relax, perhaps try on a piece of jewelry or discuss needs and wants with Talboth.

It all seems pleasant and unassuming.

You would never know that Talboth Rogg is the Master Thief known throughout the underworld as Sylence, the greatest second-story man to ever plague the wealthy.  The price on Talboth’s head is so high, it’s a wonder he hasn’t turned himself in just to claim it. So terrible was his reign that there isn’t a city or large town within 500 miles of Elbion in any direction that doesn’t continue to list him among their top 10 most wanted, and in many of those places they don’t even care if he’s brought in alive (some even prefer that he's not).

Talboth, or Sylence, rarely killed.  He was a master of the art of burglary just as much as he is now a master jeweler, and his sense of professionalism and honor kept his crimes and misdemeanors of a mostly ‘harmless’ nature.  That’s not to say that he didn’t occasionally require the aid of dagger or garrote to ensure that his own safety was maintained, but it wasn’t his norm.

Sylence’s many great escapades include pilfering the Crown of Dermanc from the famed Tower of the Oligarch, and he was the primary suspect in the case of the missing Diamond Staff of Jacur, though many thought that an inside job.  He was even so brazen, and clever, as to liberate the Bloodstone of Gis from the (almost) impenetrable and magical vault of Bolstus, the ancient and hated Sorcerer of Ayerene.  

Here in Elbion he has taken a new name, and thanks to the Mages of the Inner Keep (a governing body with the Library of Antiquity) a new face.  The greatest of thieves is now a man without a past, a jeweler to kings and mages, and a fellow at peace with his past.

...his past, however, will find no rest as long as there is a victim seeking retribution.

Talboth Rogg
Level 15 Master Burglar
HP 85
AC 0 (his magical dagger, Nightshade (A dagger of Venom +2), also provides him with +3 Protection as per the ring/amulet of the same)

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