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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Dark Corners of the Interwebs

There's not gonna be any pile of word poop today.  No diatribe.  No topics of interest or conflict.  Instead I hope to shine a light on what I find valuable in the social media stream in which I swim. These are the people I steal...erm..Borrow ideas from.

 Some people, some sites, some stuff.

Ian Hagan over at has me thinking I need to add a bit of weird science to my otherwise 'normal' fantasy game setting.  It all feels very Vancian...

You could do worse than checking out the work of James V. West here.  His new 'Zine Black Pudding really highlights some of his best work.  It's James' OSR character sheets that really sparked my renewed interest in the OSR (I never left the game but really had no interest in creating work of my own for publication)

Larry has been gaming a long, long time (like me) and his website is where he has some interesting articles.

Gavin over at Necrotic Gnome Productions is someone you should be interested in.  You can find one of his sites here at but he has others.

Maybe you've never heard of this guy, Thomas Novosel, but his work is ever-evolving and really interesting.  Check him out here at

Eric over at always has some good OSR posts and I enjoy his take on stuff

Over at the Tower of the Archmage, David is whipping up some really nice, usable content.  I played with Dave briefly in a Fantasy Grounds game and he's a solid dude, so check out his site here at

That should be enough to chew on right now.

of course, I follow a host of other folks on G+ (My Primary Social Media Hangout) and Twitter and Facebook to boot, but this is a good start.  Enjoy..Tell em the Goblin Stomper says 'Hey!'

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