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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Assassin's Tools: Poison

Enough with the Pontificating already.  It's time for something a bit more useful!  Even if you don't allow the Assassin Class in your game (why you wouldn't beats me, but hey, to each his/her own), these poisons might still be useful assets in your campaign.  Perhaps the king has been poisoned, and since it's such a rare item your party can use it as a clue to locate the foul perpetrator of the evil deed!  Maybe you stumble across a vial of one of these wicked wonders and the party decides to sell or trade it for big loot!

My hope, however, is that the dark and shady skulker of the party acquires one or more of these potent potables and then plies the dark trade it took him/her so long to master.  Climb a wall, sneak through the window, acquire the target...and end it.

Much like the drugs I enjoy creating, poisons offer their own unique style of fun.

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Also of note, I created the primary document in Gdocs as I usually do, but then found this sweet little online tool to build the PDF.  I use inDesign at home, but this was a nice tool available to me at work.  I haven't pushed it to its limits, but you may find it useful in situations where you don't have access to all of your tools.


  1. I like the last two - the first one however is very brutal!!

    1. The mage in the party never expects to be hit with something that can simply remove their magical ability...I think it can really spark the direction that a campaign goes...Will the player retire the mage, or will he/she seek a cure/anti-poison, etc?

      Thanks for reading!