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Monday, August 1, 2016

Leaf Through these Druidic Magic Items

I don't think I've ever played a Druid, and that's saying something.  I've had a long role-playing career, and I've played everything from Bards and Cavaliers to Fighter/thief/wizards and all the derivations of rogue known to OSR kind...but the druid and I never really connected.

I've been in parties with them, supported them or have been supported by them in times of trouble and danger, but I've never really understood them and at the core of it I guess that's why I don't play them as a class.  Many folks don't like them because they are 'only good in the woods', but that's a load of crap.  A good player can make any class work in any environment, no matter how alien to the nature of the class.

Maybe it's the 'hippie' aspect that turns me off, even though there's plenty of real-world historical data to support the druids as terrible and bloodthirsty, savage in the pursuit of their goals especially when confronted with a foreign element.  In my own mind, I see them petting birds on their shoulder, bending low to chat with a chipmunk, and parting a thick bramble with a wave of their staff...not things that has me stoked to step into one's shoes.

Well today, I'm going to do something about that!  Today I vow that the next game I play in, one off or campaign, I'm going to give the Druid class a shot!

To show I'm serious, I've built what I think are an interesting set of Magic items for use by druids, and perhaps a branch of magic to explored further.  Leaf Magic...and the Leaves of Power!  Some leaves will 'cast' spells not normally found in the Druid lists, expanding their range a bit.

Using an ancient Druidic transcription spell, a Druid may enchant any # of Leaves/day up to his Level x 2 so a 3rd level druid can enchant 6 total leaves per day.  Leaves last indefinitely once enchanted.  Many of the Spell LEaves contain NON DRUIDIC magic, so the druid must imbue the leaves in one of two ways:

1. A Wizard or Cleric can cast the Spell into a leaf via the Druids Spell of Transcription (see Below)
2. A Druid may Transfer the magic from a scroll or book with the appropriate spell (see each leaf below) via the Spell of Transcription

[Spell of Transcription] All druids are taught this magic spell/ritual as part of their training.  It may be cast as many times per day as the Druid's Level Allows (see above Leaves per Day).  This spell allows for certain non-druidic magic to be stored inside of the appropriate leaf until that leaf's magic is called forth.  Leaves possess much of the nature of their respective tree, and will absorb magic similar 

  • Apple Leaf : when touched by the Magic Apple Leaf, the target is charmed as per the Charm Person spell
  • Beech Leaf: when touched by the Magic Beech Leaf, the target is affected as per the Friends spell
  • Cedar Leaf: when touched by the Magic Cedar Leaf, the target is affected as per the Remove Fear spell
  • Chestnut Leaf: when touched by the Magic Chestnut Leaf, the target is affected as per the Enlarge spell
  • Hazelnut Leaf: when the target is touched by the Magic Hazelnut Leaf it is held fast as per the Hold Portal spell
  • Maple Leaf: when torn in two, the Magic Maple Leaf enacts the Phantasmal Force spell
  • Oak Leaf:  when touched by the Magic Oak Leaf, the Target is affected as per the Strength spell
  • Rowan Leaf: when touched by the Magic Poplar Leaf, the target is healed as per the Cure Light Wounds spell
  • Walnut Leaf: when touched by the Magic Walnut Leaf, the target is affected as per the Hold Person spell

Obviously there are plenty of other leaves from trees not listed have a go!  

If you're running an Online OSR-style one-shot, lemme know.  I'd love to drop in and give a Druid a go!

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